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On 7 March 2024, the day before International Women's Day on 8 March, the third Novatore Impact Summit will take place, bringing together more than 300 senior and mid-level women executives from the Baltic states who want to develop their businesses and make new business contacts. The conference's main themes are financial well-being, women's leadership, and sustainable living. It will also include workshops to develop women's leadership skills.


The summit aims to strengthen women's economic empowerment and prosperity by promoting women's leadership in senior business positions and entrepreneurship. Men equally are invited to attend to learn about the importance of equal opportunities for business and national economic development.

Baiba Rubesa, co-founder of Novatore, says, "In recent years, there has been a feeling of constant turmoil and uncertainty in the world. This applies to politics, climate change, and shifting societal standards — everything that we used to consider as predictable and stable. The Novatore Impact Summit will look for ways to continue growth and development in this turbulent world, highlighting the issues that matter for the future. For example, what it means to serve in the defence forces if you are a woman, or how to ensure financial well-being and live in a safe environment.

2023 was a year of record heatwaves around the world. Research shows that women, both professionals and women with families, are the ones most negatively affected, practically and financially, by climate change. If we do not link this problem to our lifestyles – fashion, the food we eat – then the situation will not change. This is why sustainability is as important as diversity. Understanding how to live in an environmentally friendly way and run a business sustainably is the key to positive change. We need to alter how we live and work because our way of life will have a butterfly effect on how people feel and live in other parts of the world."


The conference features presentations by international and local leaders sharing their experiences, knowledge, and personal stories. Evika Siliņa, the Prime Minister of Latvia, will open the forum.

The keynote speaker will be Linda Scott, Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oxford University. Professor Scott has authored several books, including "The Double X Economy." In 2015, Prospect Magazine named her one of the 25 Great Global Thinkers. And she is a founding member of the Global Business Coalition for Women's Economic Empowerment and the Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy.

Myroslava Gongadze, Head of Voice of America Eastern Europe, will share her experience of crises. In 2000, her husband, journalist Georgi Gongadze, was killed in Kyiv while covering stories critical of the authoritarian regime, and she is an active advocate for the protection of journalists and the values of freedom around the world.

Milda Mitkute, co-founder of the Lithuanian company Vinted, will share her leadership growth story connected to establishing a sustainable fashion business. In 2008, she created a platform for selling, buying, and exchanging second-hand clothing, now having 80 million registered users in 20 countries. In 2019, the company became Lithuania's first unicorn or startup with a valuation of over one billion euros. Previously a university lecturer and researcher, she created her business from scratch by believing in her idea.


The summit features eight masterclasses to foster professional development and provide practical knowledge. They include helpful information on how to identify your leadership qualities and build a solid and competitive professional profile, as well as practical steps to apply for leadership positions. The workshops also provide knowledge on alternative forms of investment, diversity management, recognising bias, and the role of age in career development.

"What sets the Novatore Impact Summit apart from similar events is that we offer valuable masterclasses. If you want to understand better your position in the company, the opportunities for growth, and the path to becoming a leader – director, board or supervisory board member, or entrepreneur – the masterclasses will provide you with useful knowledge for life. We will also offer tips on managing your finances more successfully to strengthen your progression towards leadership positions. We will help you find the answers to whether you know your leadership value and if and how you tell others about it," says Baiba Rubesa.

The conference and masterclasses additionally help you acquire new contacts because mutual support and networking are the added value of the Novatore Impact Summit.



Inga Tauriņa

Media Relations Coordinator of Novatore Impact Summit, mob. (+371) 26 564 629

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