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Companies with gender diversity in executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability.



Women who lead & prosper


Everyone benefits from women's prosperity.

Women make enormous contributions to economies. They are essential as entrepreneurs or employees. They are also the greatest unpaid care givers in all societies. Women's economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sustainable societal and economic growth.


Women should have equal access to decision making power and should expect to work in an environment that supports their legitimate ambitions for leadership and wealth.

The magic of community

and networks


Strong networks drive success. We encourage women to be bold, ambitious, confident and "dream big".

Women should be confident to take the next professional step. Executive mentoring boosts confidence, while training programs teach the requisite skills to do so. But strong networks and mutual support underpin the ambition to dream big and strive for more.

A society that is based on

sustainable growth


Diversity contributes to the "winning strategy".

When women are at the table, businesses grow. Diversity is a vibrant resource for organisational and business performance. Being responsible and sustainable drives innovation and growth, boosts global competitiveness, attracts investment and contributes to profitability.


When business organisations focus on diversity management as a strong performance tool for sustainable growth, the bottom line grows. Businesses are stronger for ensuring women's executive leadership development, competitive remuneration by maintaining a culture that praises diversity, learning and change.

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Baiba Rubesa NEW.jpeg

Baiba Rubesa

Novatore Founder,
Experienced Business Executive and Board Member

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Edvards Vārdaunis

Novatore Impact Summit Communications & Partnerships

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Linda Austere

Policy Advisor, Sustainability and Governance

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Dagnija Lejina.jpg

Dagnija Lejiņa

Novatore Founder, Entrepreneur, Strategic Communications Professional

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Olga DZENE.jpg

Olga Dzene

Leadership Development Expert, Triviums apmācība

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Inga Sikle.png

Inga Sīkle

Novatore Impact Summit Managing Director

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Agnese Cimdina 2020.jpg

Agnese Cimdiņa

Postdoctoral Researcher,
Anthropologist, Advisor

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"we flourish"


We care about ensuring positive growth: for individuals and societies.

"we pursue balance"


We care about the economy growing sustainably, based on innovation and measurement.

"we seek facts"


We care about the way we talk about issues. Constructive dialogue, facts and openness, lead to better solutions for all.  

"we esteem"


We care about women being respected for their individual labour and valuable contribution to the economy.

"we share smiles"


We care about the Global Happiness Index becoming as important as the Gross Domestic Product. Fun and joy contribute to a better bottom line.


Novatore is a team of experienced business professionals who have created services to empower women with relevant knowledge and training to apply for and serve on management and supervisory boards.

Our team has the most up-to-date tools to review and address corporate programs to improve governance, sustainability, innovation and above all – diversity.


You are a business executive who wishes to embrace more power and responsibility. Let us support you individually in your ambition to move to the next level.

Executive mentoring to question and hone strong leadership and managment skills.

Individual coaching for encouragment, motivation and business development.

Experience and member based networking programs for learning and discussions.


We work with business organisations to embrace diversity as a strategic business development tool, using established international principles and frameworks.

Corporate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) assessments and recommendations.

Corporate diversity management training.

Seminars and training programs to understand "diversity" and its impact on a company's bottom line. 

Corporate sustainability management: analysis, reporting, training and communications.


We seek like-minded individuals to join our community to foster change for long-term positive impact.

Public discourse – campaigns and events for awareness raising.

Share research projects and policy recommendations.

Platform for experience sharing and expert knowledge.

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