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By Dagnija Lejiņa, Co-founder of Novatore.

March 7 and the Novatore Impact Summit are right around the corner, as is International Women's Day. Joining the Summit this year is one of the best ways to celebrate women's empowerment and leadership, which resonates well with the spirit of March 8. In case you're still thinking, here are my top 5 compelling reasons why it deserves a prime spot on your agenda.


1. Gain inspiration from real stories

We learn best from real-life stories. “Women role models” in business, entrepreneurship and politics are great sources of inspiration. “If she can do it, I can do it as well…” – this is what I think while listening to inspirational podcasts.  However, the summit will give you an opportunity to meet in one place and in-person over 30 speakers from the Baltic countries and beyond. We have carefully selected topics ranging from financial freedom and women's leadership to sustainable lifestyles – climate challenges, fashion, food, resilience building and personal productivity. I believe that the insights shared from the stage will fuel your leadership aspirations.

2. Expand your network

Networking, though a ubiquitous term, takes on new meaning at Novatore. I used to say that people register for events because of the speakers and content, however, they leave happy because of the great new contacts they have signed. Last year 8 was the average number of new business cards. I think it is a good number. Remember that your network is your net worth – build it before you need it! Our Summit facilitates connections with 300 professionals from the Baltic region, including C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and future leaders. Strong networks are the cornerstone of success, and Novatore encourages you to dream big, be bold, and embrace ambition.

3. Confront financial realities

We stand for women's economic empowerment – we believe that the financial freedom of women is a cornerstone of societal and economic growth. However, we still face a lot of challenges – for example, in Latvia, the gender gap is 17.1 % (2022) and the EU average is 12.7 % (2021). Of course, it is a complex issue. However, if there is a will, there is a way. We strive to encourage women to be more financially independent, organisations – to be progressive, to proactively check unbalances, to act strategically and to involve more diversity in their leadership. At the Novatore Impact Summit, you will gain practical insights into managing your finances effectively, empowering yourself on the path to leadership roles.

4. Learn

In a world exploding with uncertainty, the Summit equips also with practical strategies, tips and tricks for navigating the unpredictable future. A unique set of masterclasses that provide tools for leadership empowerment, financial freedom, diversity management and different approaches towards lifestyles. Everyone can choose two out of a selection of eight. See the list for yourself and I'm sure you will find the ones that you are interested in. Besides, everything just got more appealing with the new affordable Masterclass ticket that gives half-day access to the Summit. Enjoy!

5. Have fun :)

Yes, yes, I know that conferences are supposed to be serious. And this one is. But what is life worth without a touch of fun? We simply must have fun. So, let's zoom out for a day and celebrate women's empowerment and “yes, we can” attitude. Come and join the community of positively charged like-minded individuals which I like to call 'sisterhood.’ Everything that brings joy is sustainable, now isn’t it?

So, will I see you at the Novatore Impact Summit '24 on March 7 in Riga? I hope we meet :) You can get your Masterclass, Regular or VIP ticket for the Summit here.

Given this chance, I would like to personally thank all the Novatore Impact Summit partners, who care and thus have made this year's Summit possible – VISA, SEB, Audi, Accenture, Narvesen, BAFF, Embassy of Sweden, and Lidl. As well as, our friends – the Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of France, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, If, Norstat, Pwc, Riga Technical University, Noble Wine, and Lejina & Partners. And last, but not least, our media partners – Tvnet, airBaltic, and Delfi.

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