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Are you attending the Novatore Impact Summit and wondering how to be ready for it? We have prepared a guide – eight steps you can take to make the most out of the event.


1. Define your goals

Firstly, it's essential to define what you want to achieve by attending the conference. Do you want to achieve financial security and prosperity? Or to develop a resilient mindset to overcome challenges and thrive under pressure? Or maybe you just want to connect with potential business partners and network? There are plenty of options at the summit to choose from. Choose what suits the best for you.

2. Create a schedule

To ensure you make the most of the Summit, create a schedule with a list of speakers you want to hear, the masterclasses you're attending, and a list of people you want to connect with – leave your comfort zone and make new connections! Check the full agenda.

3. Prepare your elevator pitch

Prepare a brief introductory description of yourself, your background, experience, and career value that you have memorised enough that you can comfortably say it at any time. This is your elevator pitch and can be helpful when meeting new people and introducing yourself. If you forget to have one, then remember – always start with 'why'.

4. Stand out with unique questions and chit-chat with your neighbours

When you choose your seat at a conference, chances are that’s your seat for the day. That said, don’t be shy. Avoid asking generic questions like "What do you do?" Instead, plan your questions around your goals for the conference. Why not start a conversation with the question: “Who in your life brings you the most joy?” Take advantage of breaks and in-between moments to make connections and ask questions that align with your objectives. And if possible, change the seat during the conference thus getting new neighbours and acquaintances.

5. Be ready to leave work for a day

To get the most out of the Summit, it's crucial to be fully dedicated to the event and leave work behind. This means clearing your schedule and avoiding distractions during the conference. Set your out-of-office message – “Thank you for your message. Today (April 27) I have chosen to invest in myself and expand my network, so I am attending the Novatore Impact Summit.”

6. Always follow-up

Within 24 hours of the end of the conference, follow up with any connections you want to foster. This could be through email, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. Be sure to personalise your follow-up message to make a lasting impression. Business card is still a thing, put it your purse or jacket the day before so you won't have any surprises at the conference finding out that you left your cards in the office.

7. Share your experience

Finally, writing about the conference can be an excellent way to process the experience and consolidate the information you took away from it. Write a LinkedIn post about your favourite sessions, what you learned, and actions you plan to take based on your time at the conference. To reach more people and have a higher engagement, don't forget to tag a person or a company in your post. This will help you reflect on the experience and share your insights with others. And of course – photos of the event. Will make sure that you will have a photo taken by our photographers. FIY – all conference photos will be available at our Novatore Flickr account.

8. Be present and enjoy the moment

While it's important to have goals, a schedule, and follow-up plans, don't forget to simply enjoy the event itself. Be present in the workshops, engage with fellow attendees, and take in the knowledge, insights, and inspiration being shared. Let go of any distractions or stress from work or other areas of life, and fully immerse yourself in the experience of the summit.

Remember that the event is not just about checking off a to-do list or achieving specific outcomes, but also about enjoying the process, making meaningful connections, and gaining new perspectives. Take time to appreciate the opportunity to learn, grow, and network with like-minded professionals.

Attending a conference is a phenomenal experience. Not only will you have countless networking opportunities, but you will leave with more information than you came in with and have more experience in your background.

Remember: be your best self, update your Linkedin profile, always ask questions, network, and take notes. From novice employees to masterful professionals, these skills never fade. Use them!

Have a wonderful time at the Novatore Impact Summit!

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