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On April 27th from 8:30 to 21:40, the influential Novatore Impact Summit is back with this year's conference focused on women's economic resilience, finance, and innovation. Over four hundred high and medium-level executives and other leaders looking to develop their businesses and gain new collaborative contacts will gather at the stimulating Riga event venue Fantadroms.


The Novatore Impact Summit's fast-paced, agenda-packed one-day event:

  • starts with networking opportunities during registration and breakfast,

  • proceeds into an overview of topics and themes by the organizers,

  • moves on to relevant, thought-provoking presentations by ten world-class speakers,

  • includes a networking lunch,

  • transitions into highly engaging related masterclasses, and

  • concludes with a wine & dine evening offering further networking possibilities.


In line with Novatore's commitment to promoting gender diversity in senior business leadership positions, male business, and opinion leaders are encouraged to also join to contribute in further advancing how the inclusion of women in leadership roles improves business and economic growth. Because when women get ahead, everyone gains from the achievement.


Our ten headline speakers, women leaders from around the world, will highlight the most important problems and solutions related to women's economic equality worldwide. For example, sustainable wage policy is extremely relevant across Europe and beyond, so it is particularly important to create strong communities among women in leadership positions.


Each attendee will choose to participate in three masterclass sessions out of fourteen available. This is the direct engagement part, where they gain from the session leaders and others joining professional and personal improvement while also offering to the group their own insights, understandings, and learnings. The goal is simple: To make you an even stronger leader.


The launch for this year's session took place at the Swiss Embassy for Latvia, one of our key sponsors for a second time around, on Monday, February 13. Swiss Ambassador to Latvia Martin Xavier Michelet says,

"Gender equality and economic opportunity are important issues not only in Switzerland and Latvia but throughout Europe and the world. We are delighted to support the Novatore Impact Summit and hope it creates far-reaching and successful partnerships for its participants."

The event was attended by other influential organizations and leaders, including Latvian Parliament Chairperson Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica (New Unity), Head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Ingrīda Circene (New Unity), Head of the Parliamentary Interest Group for defending the interests of the Saeima Women and deputy of the Latvian Parliament Irma Kalniņa (New Unity).

And Novatore is excited to have Latvia's Ministry of Justice as a key supporter of this year's session. Justice Minister Inese Lībiņa-Egnere stresses,

"Our country's legal framework and regulations are relatively modern and supportive of equality, and we are proud in having so many highly educated, capable women. But too many stereotypes still dominate in real life. For instance, less than a quarter of board members are women in our largest stock-listed companies. We are committed to introducing an EU directive requiring 40% of women to be on boards of large companies. But such legal measures are insufficient if prevailing stereotypes and biases in society do not change. Breaking them is our common task. And the 'Novatore Impact Summit' is a place to break stereotypes, including those existing among women themselves."

Furthermore, at the event, a Ukrainian and Baltic Business Women's Forum will be held in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) to promote networking and the development of women's communities.

From Novatore's Co-Founders, The Power Of This Occasion

"Our goal as innovators is to promote women's economic resilience, advance gender diversity in senior business leadership positions, and foster a supportive community for women worldwide. Through the Novatore Impact Summit, we aim to facilitate women's career growth by providing opportunities for networking, professional development, and addressing current economic issues. Even the most powerful women need encouragement, support, and the right tools to achieve and maintain their positions in corporate and organizational leadership,"

say Novatore co-founders Baiba Rubesa and Dagnija Lejina.



  • Register today!

  • Direct assistance contact: Inga Taurina, "Novatore Impact Summit" media relations coordinator,, mobile +371 26564629.

  • Learn more about Impact Summit on our Web-site, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram.

  • About Fantadroms.

  • Our main commercial partners are: Visa, SEB, Audi and AirBaltic.

  • Our media partners include: Delfi, Clear Channel, Rigas Vilni, and others.

  • Friends of the conference include: French Embassy in Latvia, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia ("Magnetic Latvia"), Lidl Latvia, Noble Wine, the research agency "Norstat", Rocket Bean Roastery, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga), Swiss Embassy in Latvia, and German Embassy in Latvia.

  • About Novatore | Women's Economic Empowerment & Leadership.

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