22-23 September, 2022 | Riga

Resiliency for peace, security and prosperity

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Novatore Impact Summit

for economic empowerment by women

Why join?

The goal of Novatore Impact Summit is to drive economic development by raising and discussing the topics that women consider to be important.

We believe that economy can and should be empowered by women – the formula of Summit is "by women for all". Nonetheless, we remain committed to women’s economic empowerment and gender equality.

Novatore Impact Summit aims to reach a tangible impact in gender diversity indicators – the proportion of women in highest leadership positions and relevant knowledge.


  • English language

  • 400 participants: LV – 50%, EE – 20%, LT – 20%, Nordics – 10%

  • Streamed globally

  • Ticket price range €140-€289 

  • Organised by Novatore, volunteer community and strong partners

Day 1 | Sep 22

  • Conference

  • Round table discussions

  • Case-studies

  • Networking events 

  • Reception

Day 2 | Sep 23

  • Champagne breakfast

  • Parallel workshops

  • Professional development sessions

  • Closing lunch

Day 1 | Sep 22, 9:00-18:00


The Summit panel discussions cover topics important to women leaders globally

We believe the time has come for women to be more prominent in driving economic development and discussing it publicly. Novatore Impact Summit content aims to educate, encourage and reach real impact in society knowledge of gender diversity and biases.

Women's leadership & diversity

  • Diversity and inclusion – ambition, legislation and best practice

  • More women in the board room

  • "Walk the talk" – business case: Diversity in action

Economic growth
& prosperity

  • Circular economy & sustainability

  • Rethinking economy – wellbeing economy

  • Case study: How to get women to invest?

Resiliency for peace & security

  • Transforming economies and societies in a post-war and post-pandemic environment

  • Reimagining Europe / world order – what's next?

  • Women in leadership in defence & politics

  • Security structures, IT & cyberwarfare

Innovations & digital leadership

  • Technology driven – enabling positive change

  • Innovations & corporate digital leadership

  • Skills, STEM, lifelong-learning

Lifestyle for success & happiness

  • Rethinking lifestyles – reimagining the future of work & life

  • Personal leadership as a key to success

  • Circular fashion, sustainable cities and living in wellbeing

Day 2 | Sep 23, 9:00-13:00


The goal is to gain deeper knowledge of business sustainability, diversity best practice and inclusion policies resulting in higher profitability, innovation levels and wellbeing of society at large.

The workshops will be led by renowned international experts in the fields:

  • Sustainability (ESG) ABCs 

  • Diversity best practice and inclusion implementation 

  • Leadership coaching session 

  • Public speaking 

  • Interactive networking coaching session

  • Salary negotiations 

  • Wealth management

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“In times of upheaval from war in Ukraine and constant pandemic management, we seek to build women’s and society’s resiliency for peace, security and prosperity.”

– Baiba Rubesa, Novatore Co-Founder

“Women need to support each other for leadership, impact, shared knowledge and empowerment. “Yes, we can” attitude is the one we need to celebrate.”

– Dagnija Lejiņa, Novatore Co-Founder

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Team price applies, when three or more tickets are purchased at the same time.

All prices are shown in euros per person and excluding 21% VAT.


Early Bird

till 15.08.2022

DAY 1 (Conference) €155,-

DAY 1 & DAY 2 (Conference

& Workshop) €239,-

TEAM (3+)

Early Bird

till 15.08.2022

DAY 1 (Conference) €140,-

DAY 1 & DAY 2 (Conference

& Workshop) €215,-


Early Bird

till 15.08.2022

DAY 1 (Conference) €88,-



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Venue – Hanzas Perons

NOVATORE Impact Summit takes place at Hanzas Perons – a former Riga cargo railway warehouse, which serves as a cultural venue for concerts, performances, conferences and other cultural events nowadays. Please see the map below for location and directions.